I want to help people who have lost their belief in themselves and their future.

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Coach, Teacher, Motivator, Leader

As life would have it, Terry specializes in adversity training. It’s how he grew up in small town Missouri. Work hard, sleep hard, work again. Do what you say, be polite, and never quit. Yet circumstances dictate the opportunity for response.  From a broken family to a broken neck, adversity presented itself in many forms. In his sixth decade of life, the accumulated memories, trial and error and willingness to confront his own issues have provided a treasure trove of resources that allow him to see another person where they are in life.  He then can offer brutal honesty to help his clients create a way forward. His desire to see another person grow is what drives him every day. Being a component of the solution gives him the enthusiasm to participate in the journey.

Nearly everything I do is engaged with my family. I have no hobbies. Working out was a hobby that turned into a business called DewCoach that my son, Steve, and I own together. I guess you could say that my hobby has been coaching my four children and my wife through her education career. The best way to see who I am is to see who they are!

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2018 - Laurie with Payton(17), Steve at DewCoach (30), Kristi in Chicago at Goosehead (28), Becky in Chicago at Goosehead in her Line Art/Mural World (26)

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2018 - Laurie and I working out at DewCoach. Do we look 55?

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1982 - 20 years old at Missouri State (SMS then) with my Mom.