My Story

I’ve been lean and strong most of my life. I played college football at an average of 195 pounds as an outside linebacker. As an adult I continued to eat whatever I wanted and had no health or weight ramifications. As a coach, I am very active and with a genetically high metabolism, I never worried about my health.

A particularly stressful time of life ensued in the 2016 through 2017-time frame and I consistently didn’t feel great despite working hard, working out and looking pretty good. As had been my habit for years, I consumed about 5 Diet Mountain Dews a day and ate about a 3500 calorie diet a day with a lot of whey protein and other dairy products like milk and ice cream. Heading into the new year of 2018, I had no idea what was about to hit me.

​What's in it for me with this Eat Program?

  1. Energy - Increased and Extended

  2. Gut Health - Feel better which increases Serotonin

  3. Mirror – You will look better, and your mirror will love you again

  4. Skin - Improvement in tone and condition

  5. Sleep - Longer and Deeper (I got off the sleep medication)

  6. Medical Conditions – Varies by person, but often lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Reduced anxiety and mood swings. And many more, like stunning your kidney doctor!

  7. Weight - You Will lose weight in a consistent controlled way without having to survive food cravings or go into horrific caloric deficits.

  8. Surprise Benefits - Mine was a disappearing cyst and less pain in my hip

Summary of the Program

Overview – A healthy eating and detox program to integrate into your life.



An educational approach that includes grocery shopping lists, recipes, meal prep guides, weekly menus, supplementation products with food, botanical's and detoxing elements. Support is in abundance when we connect you to a private Facebook group.


It is NOT?

NOT a rapid weight loss program

NOT a caloric deficit, tracking and stress program.

NOT a short term painful evet

With Whom?

With me, I’m your nutrition coach. We talk in whatever way works for you. Text, Messenger, Email, Phone; to support, answer questions (like what is the right salsa to buy) or (I’m at a restaurant, what can I order). Questions that are common and cause people to stumble. You are not alone because when I’m your coach, I care about you.

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