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Move with DewCoach


First, What’s in it for you?

  1. Greater Strength

  2. Increased Metabolism

  3. Tighter Body

  4. Repaired Injury

  5. Raised Self Esteem

  6. A Body with less fat and more muscle

  7. Confidence that transfers to every aspect of your life


I own a small group personal fitness gym and party place in Simi Valley California with my eldest son Steven. I started it out of my backyard in May of 2013 and now we are in nearly 6000 square feet. Our focus is to change a person completely through highly effective workout programming and nutritional guidance.


Approach - Variable Intensity Training – This means you will do things fast, slow and in between.


Equipment – Over 4 dozen different implements. Kettlebells, Sandbags, Dumbbells, Sand bells, AB Wheels, Bands, Suspension systems, Slamballs, Barbells, and on and on. Plus, spin bikes.

Core – Impact the heart and you impact everything else. All our focus is on building your core, so every single workout is different. In 1000 visits you won’t repeat a workout at the Fitness level.


Injuries – We fix them not cause them. Backs, shoulders, elbows, glutes, we have approaches in our unique programming that repair what others harmed. Plus, in the workout of the day, we offer modifications to programming to allow you to stay with the small group and do one or two different exercises to accommodate those conditions.


Workouts of the Day – At the Fitness level, the workout changes everyday and its always a full body workout, always!


Advanced Programming – These include an athlete training program called the Power Plan which is a 10-week p. That is followed by Raw and Rip which are 5 days a week for 3 weeks each. The combination of this high-level programming is a life changing 16-week program for athletes and advanced clients.


Other – Team training, Football Training, Game Speed

For questions about joining DewCoach contact me at terry@dewcoach.com


Don't live near Dewcoach?

For those of you who can’t make it in person to DewCoach, I offer monthly workout programming with supporting videos.  They are customized to your needs and progress in challenge level as you progress. Contact me at terry@terrygourley.com for information on this custom programming.

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