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I’ve been lean and strong most of my life. I played college football at an average of 195 pounds as an outside linebacker. As an adult I continued to eat whatever I wanted and had no health or weight ramifications. As a coach, I am very active and with a genetically high metabolism, I never worried about my health.

A particularly stressful time of life ensued in the 2016 through 2017-time frame and I consistently didn’t feel great despite working hard, working out and looking pretty good. As had been my habit for years, I consumed about 5 Diet Mountain Dews a day and ate about a 3500 calorie diet a day with a lot of whey protein and other dairy products like milk and ice cream. Heading into the new year of 2018, I had no idea what was about to hit me.

I’ve never been a proponent of New Year’s Resolutions and didn’t have one in 2018, but I did feel it was going to be a pivotal year in many respects. That could not have been truer. On January 4th, I had a 24-hour work period that excluded sleep which led into a day that would lead to massive change. On Friday the 5th, I couldn’t get comfortable, couldn’t escape a building pain. I didn’t workout and tried every position possible to alleviate pain. Finally, after eating some dinner, I told my wife that I had to do something. As I started to get out of the chair, it felt like I was being hit in the stomach. I fought my way out of the chair, but couldn’t get to a full standing position. I kind of slid across the room with my chest parallel to the ground. My wife had already been searching the 8 most likely ways that abdominal pain would kill you on Google and I said, “We’ve got to go to the emergency room”.


This was the height of the southern California flu season, so the room was packed, but because I was doubled over, I got in quickly. They did the normal medical procedures and then a CAT scan to see what was causing the pain. It was appendicitis. I spent the night in the hallway with massive medication as the pain was increasing. The next morning the surgeon examined me and discovered that not only was an appendix removal necessary but that I had an umbilical hernia as well. So, 2 for 1 and the surgery was done. After I woke up later that Saturday afternoon, the surgeon said the following, “Terry, you would never think something was wrong with you by looking at you, but that appendix was the most infected I’ve ever seen. You’ve got something wrong and you need to get it fixed.” Later that day, the general doctor told me that I had chronic kidney failure due to elevated creatinine. So, I got to spend 4 nights in the hospital missing the NCAA Football National Championship game, because the hospital TV didn’t have ESPN? How? Are you kidding me?


I went home on January 9th, bent but not broken. For six weeks, I spent most of my time reading and studying, while waiting to get back to working out. I finally headed back into the gym and back to the way I had eaten before. Then a friend that I’ve known for over 10 years texted me and told me about a program that could help me get as internally healthy as I was externally. In fact, she had told me about it back in 2011, then again in 2014 and both times I said I was ‘all good.’ This time she basically said, “How about now?” I said yes and began the program on March of 2018. The list of benefits has been amazing and many of the components of the program I had simply not been a believer in. That’s right, my mind is what kept me from doing this, so, I went into the program as if it was an experiment. Disciplined and following every aspect to the letter. The results were incredible, but before I talk about the results, the most important principle to remember about this program is its easy. I thought it would be a nightmare, but it isn’t. The effects are so great I’ve made it a lifestyle. I have ‘Celebration’ meals periodically and on a vacation, those might be ‘Celebration days’. But, when they end I have the formula to get right back in line.


I was told my chronic kidney disease that I was diagnosed with on January 6th had my kidney function at 52%. On June 20th, my kidney specialist looked at the test results and shook his head back and forth, then looked at me again. My wife asked, “What’s wrong?” He said, "I need to recalculate this, but it isn’t a bad thing." He did the numbers again and rapidly shook his head. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Your kidney function is 138%." What? My wife: "What do you mean?" The doctor said, "Well, the test is based on a 100% scale. The numbers measure the actual results of 24 hours of urine collection. It isn’t a guess, it’s real and your husband’s kidney function is off the charts. He looked at me and said, "You are perfectly healthy, get up and get out of here."


So that was an amazing event to hear such confirming news of what I already suspected, but well before that I knew it was coming because my energy level was sky rocketing back to college levels. My skin was changing, my hair was growing back, I was losing weight and ripping my ab muscles. I had a cyst on the back of my head below an ear, and it disappeared in seven days. I started going to sleep earlier without the ZZZ’s sleep aid medication and was waking up on my own with no alarm clock. My joints were feeling better and my workouts were back to the same intensity, which is very high, as before the surgery.


Now, I’ve calculated that on an average day, I’m about 80% vegetarian, and 20% carnivore which is the exact opposite of what I was before. My diet before was Dairy, Dairy, Dairy, Meat and Mountain Dew mixed with potatoes, bananas, and various things with sugar. Salads too only when I had to.

So, my health coach said I was the worst client she ever had, now…I’m a different person. In fact, different people don’t recognize me including my wife one day when she walked into our gym.              If you want this kind of amazing change

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