What is a life coach? 

While there are many answers, the only relevant answer is what type of coach is Coach Gourley?

First, what's in it for you?

  1. Discovering your "Pull".

  2. A life changing awareness level.

  3. Identifying a recurring negative thought pattern and eliminating it..

  4. A safe place with a coach who listens and speaks truth in a real and simple way that fits you.

  5. A new or renewed energy for life.

  6. An unburdened feeling that enables a pursuit of your newly understood "Pull".

While those are BIG picture, visionary outcomes, the way we get there is through --- 

Practical solutions to Current Challenges

One of my clients describes me as REAL. My style of coaching is transparent. I listen intently for what you aren't saying while hearing the words you are saying. Asking questions that allow you to process your own thoughts and words, will deepen your understanding of the possibilities around you. My specialty is asking the 'other side of the coin' question so you can see a different perspective. Here's a version of transparency. I've had many coaches. Currently I have 2, one for marketing and one for awareness. They're different coaches than I've had before, but throughout my life when I've had coaches whether for sports, transition or business purposes I have flourished. What I've learned through that process though is this. There can be no better coach than ME. I must be my best coach, because I can't get away from me. My thoughts, beliefs and actions are always active and always on the playing field. So, f I don't have the right mindset, my results won't be right. 

How does that apply to you? Directly. I want to coach you to be your best coach. That might take 2 sessions or 200 sessions, it depends and no time frame is the right time frame. 

Some coaches will say they don't have an agenda and each situation is different. I am not that kind of coach. I do have an agenda and while you are unique and your circumstances are unique and your personality is unique, my agenda is all about you, to make you see how great you really are and to take you through steps that fulfill the epic vision for your life. It is a passion and I am driven to get to that result for every person I coach.

My Process

  • Listen

  • Collaborate

  • Create

  • Implement

  • Adjust

  • Repeat

This puts us on the same team. We are designing your program together. We win together.

Are you ready to explore a coaching relationship?

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